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Tim Meehan, MBA
Dallas, Texas

I first used the phrase "Talent River" back in 2019. It was an impulsive word-choice as I tried to explain to a company why their Talent Acquisition strategy was failing. They thought they needed better "Talent Pools".  Emerging technology was entering the "Early Majority" adoption stage and disruption was on the horizon.  Yet they, like many companies, clung to the past.  The term has grown since then. Today, when a company mentioned Talent Pool, I talked about a Talent River.


The Talent River story isn't about technology, it's about a mindset to challenge old assumptions, poor candidate centricity and outdated processes. It's about enabling a future where consumer grade candidate experience, delivered at ludicrous speed was possible (click here for some ludicrous humor!). But it alls starts with a leap from the Talent Pool into the Talent River. 

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