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Take the Outside In View

Would you apply to your company?  If your firm is typical, you might be disappointed. Give it a shot. Pretend you know nothing (just like that great candidate you're looking for). 

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   Are You Invisible?

CX starts and ends with awareness. If talent doesn't know you exist - all the other stuff doesn't matter. Sure, your tech team will say it's just about SEO, but can you really afford to compete with Amazon and Indeed. The trick here - is leverage. Use those high SEO platforms, don't compete with them.

TIP: Not sure if you've got an issue. Find a job on your career site and then try searching for it on the web. But don't use your company name or a very super unique job title (candidates won't know this information yet). How far down do you have to scroll (how many pages!) to find it. Can you even find it? Yep, you're the invisible (wo)man.

       Do You Know

        Your Uglies?

No matter matter how great, or not so great your company is, you've got uglies. Do you know what they are? Are you looking in the mirror or through a window? Charles Kettering once wrote "A problem well stated is a half solved". Every firm has their uglies - the smart ones fix those they can, and embrace those they cannot. What are some uglies? Maybe it's pay or work-life balance or benefits, it doesn't matter. In this social and digitally connected world talent knows. Just understanding what they might learn is half the challenge.

TIP: Try a google search of "working at <your company>. See where it takes you....

Funny nerd, similar available in my port
Math lesson. Robot professor explains Pi

Who's Telling Your 
Digital Story?

Good for you. Talent found and bought into your brand. Now they want to know more - are you enabling their learning in the places they go or just focused on where they don't (your career site)? Sure, it starts with your career site, but it must be integrated into a broader strategy.  Linked-In is just table stakes. To lead, look at YouTube and Glassdoor. And to really lead explore a "Facebook Careers" page and Instagram feed. And don't even get me "chatting" about bots..

TIP: An often overlooked basic here is your job posting content. Standardize your template, include your brand story and for real zing add video.  

Does Your Apply
say "DON'T"?

You'd got Talent's interest but for many firms this is also where the sexy stuff they built on the web crashes into their not so sexy HRIS, Min-Qual and Regulatory wall.  It's where candidate meets your the real you, the one that still hasn't mobile-optimized the apply and puts up more hurdles than an Olympic track meet.

Not sure if this is your firm? Well if you don't know than it probably is you. 

TIP: Even if you don't measure your application complete rate, or if it's not at LEASE 90%, you need to explore this.  I'd start by trying to apply - can you thoroughly complete it in about 5 minutes? Don't make excuses (for instance you don't have a resume). ANY reason you can't, means you've got an issue.

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