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Making a Dent

I've practiced in the talent acquisition space for more than 25 years. This site is organized to describe my experience and perspectives. The blog chronicles my learnings and ultimately influences the updates to my site.  I'd love to know your thoughts.

Tim Meehan

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About: Welcome

Life Reduced to a Page

Formative Experiences

Born in Jersey.  Raised on Springsteen.  Played in "The City". A's in Political Science & Economics. Only Budweiser. Jersey to California road trip with two buddies. The shore isn't the same as the beach. Met my California girl and started our family. MBA opened my eyes. Moved to Texas. By now, pretty good at sales & delivery.  Learned how to fail and get up (a few times).  Learned how culture is the glue that binds.  Lived in Singapore for a year! Passion for people, technology, data and innovation. 

My Short-Cut Journey

I started my career in Los Angeles, working in the printing industry. Success earned me promotion and relo to Texas. I joined the staffing industry in the 90's and went from the world of paper and ink, to hearts and minds. I never looked back.  My responsibilities grew from local to global, including an expat assignment in Asia.  I became an expert in MSP and RPO models.  Specific skill sets in Tech-Stack, Analytics, Candidate Experience (CX), design governance and sales.

Continuous Disruption

Technology eliminated the printing companies I worked for. PC's and desktop printers made them easy to disrupt. Not as easy, but of greater consequence, Talent Acquisition is on the same path. The tech already exists to take the human out of recruiting - it is only waiting on the disruptor willing to do it. 

The Other Side

I spend my spare time learning. I'm a news junkie, specifically geo-politics and economics.  Living abroad opened my eyes to what makes us all alike, and we are more alike than not. Favorite podcasts are Chad & CheeseHow I Built This and Hidden Brain. Favorite book is Lord of the Rings (I've read it 7 times). Favorite hobby is traveling. I'm a lousy but persistent tomato gardener.  Married with two grown and amazing daughters. 

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